Version-New UI 6.69

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Version-New UI 6.69

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:46 pm

Version-New UI 6.69

The newest Darkeden Perfect ever in U.S
171-221 rare skills are all free in game.
120x in week day and double experience in weekend, total 48 hours.
The higher level the monster is and the more experiences you get, equals 300-500x experience per monster.
Drop rate is 2000x of darkeden in Korea.

Newbie pack
• No need to level up from 1~150, direct transform to level 150
• Newbie items already worn on, resistance +7, att+3, hps+3
• Shopping cart has 30-days-member card, double drop rate item, double luck item, 3x-pet hour glass
• System gives tickets to certain maps everyday
• 3x stone, 10each, you get 3x experience in one hour
• 7x stone, 5each, you get 7x experience in one hour
• 13x stone, 5ea, you get 13x experience in one hour
• 2x hour glass, 20each, you get 2x experience in one hour
• Wing-aura, 1each, HP increase in 7days
• Guarding Crystal, last for 5hours, it increases your hp+500 and all attribution+15
• Physical/magic attack reduce scroll, 10each, it reduces the damage by 10%
• Resistance+19 defense+30 protection +30 contract (15days)
• Attribution +15 HP drain+10 HP/MP reduces half contract (10days)
• Lucky Clover, when reaches to level 200, you can exchange a whole set of 191 items in NPC
• 3EA aura stone, Yellow, Purple, Blue
• All 171~221 rare skill books can get it from NPC for free

Drop Rate
• Monsters spawn in front of Perona has all the lower level skill books you need
• Ruper Island drops 161 good seed items, Lilith 2, blue drop edge, and blue bird 2
• Dracula, Kamila, Monastery, IK lab drops burnt books
• Great Ruffian Skull boss drops burnt book, blue bird, & blue shine drop
• Reaper & Gusion drops contract, mask, burnt book, blue shine edge, blue bird 2 & attribution
• Onibla drops 181~201 items, Lilith drops, and rune box.
• Dracula boss drops 201 armor, weapon, bracelet zap, & Lilith drops.
• Sius in Ruper Island drops health increase book 7, 8, 9 and 201 items
• Ruper Island dungeon basket drops forge, 3x stone, 7x stone, Lilith, scrolls
• Kamila basket drops 7x stone and 2x stone
• Kamila boss gives crystal ball opens 7x stone

Article Drop Rate
• Under Tunnel 2 drops 171-181 Armor/Weapon article
• Dracula Boss drops 171-181 articles
• Camilla, Monostery, IK2 drops all 191 article
• 201 article drops from Camilla Boss, Ulrayiry, and Wild Ulrayiry 211 Fun maps drops Meteorite
• Perona artifact opens 3x, 7x stones, rune, etc

Newbie Guide
• Perona drops rare skill books
• Raohm B4F【Suitable for level 150】
• Under Tunnel 2【Suitable for level 150】
• Tiffuage【Suitable for level 180】
• Dracula Castle【Suitable for level 180】

When reaches to level 200, you can click the NPC in Perona to teleport you to where you can get a full set of 191 items, option:att+3 and hps+3

When you are at level 210, you can go Camilla Garde(Same Race), No PK Zone

Level 270 players can go to Monostery (Requires 5 forbidden blood)


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